“Gentle breath of yours my sails must fill,

          or else the project fails, which was to please…”

                   – Act V, “The Tempest”, by Cliff Notes


When COVID first hit back in February, we were confident that our event was far enough out that we’d be on the far side of it by January 2021. Unfortunately, the return to normal hasn’t happened, and conventions that rescheduled once already are starting to reschedule again. 

With sadness, we are cancelling AFB 2021. Options for rescheduling have been discussed, but there are too many question marks about when it might again be safe for large gatherings. All tickets that have been purchased will be refunded. 

The AFB team comes together from several conventions, furry and furry-adjacent, from Texas and beyond. We don’t know what the next step will be, when things will open up, when the next convention will happen, but we’ll be there as things start going again. We look forward to seeing you again, and we hope that again will be soon.

 – The Austin Furry Burlesque cats and crew