Vendor Spaces

Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den is a secure vendor area within convention space. Dealer’s Den spots are reserved for the full two days of the convention, with time for setup and takedown before and after the convention. Dealer’s den spaces are 6″ wide, with more generous space for backdrops and table displays. If your booth, product, and display needs to remain up overnight, or if you plan to sell third-party product (for example, books from a range of authors, or plushes you didn’t create yourself), the Dealer’s Den may be the best location for your table. 

Artist’s Alley and Artist’s Marketplace

The Artist’s Alley and Marketplace are vendor areas in the public space of the con (the main hallway of the convention). Because this area is publicly accessible, we are not able to offer secure overnight storage. Artists in this space should be prepared to take their setup down after business hours. The Artist Alley area is more restrictive regarding what can be sold, particularly regarding third-party products and adult materials. Please see the rules below for more information. Artist’s Marketplace and Artist’s Alley are in the same convention area, however Artist’s Marketplace tables can be reserved for the duration of the convention.