Austin Furry Burlesque 2021: “It’s Just a Stage”

Howdy y’all, from the City of the Violet Crown and the weirdness Mecca of Texas! Since this here’s our first show, we thought we’d bake that little fact into the con with a theme celebrating “big theater dreams” on an “off-off-off Broadway budget.” So grab some plywood, hold that costume together with safety pins, hope the wire holds, and make a wish on the audience’s suspension of disbelief: this year it’s not cheap, it’s thematic!

So one thing, maybe four things, that really dills our pickle: our four fantastic  Guests of Honor, including Texas drag cat herder and queen wrangler Gena Cyde; After-dark fursuit dancer Kaluashot, fantasy/cabaret artist and part time faery Luthien Nightwolf; and writer, illustrator, animator, comic artist, and all-around everything Zorilita…sorry to put you at the end there darling, but mama told you what’d happen if you picked a “Z” name!

And yes, it’s our first year in a new hotel, but it’s not the hotel’s first rodeo. The Marriott Garden Pflugerville’s been working with cosplay fans for more’n a year now, so let your furry flag fly and bring the weird. So like another group of colorful creatures once said, it’s time to put on makeup, it’s time to dress up right, and it is most certainly time to get things started. We’ll be seeing you in January!


– Scarlett Reputation, Grande Damn, Austin Furry Burlesque