Austin Furry Burlesque is…a little different.

But we still have rules! AFB’s full code of conduct will be developing over the year as a part of a conversation between our team, our members, and our hotel. But let’s begin with…

…Adult space (and what that means)

The AFB team loves kids! Other Austin Furries events are family spaces, welcoming to all ages. Austin Furry Burlesque is a safe space for adults, where we can be playful and provocative without the logistics of an underage audience. An adult space isn’t necessarily rated “NSFW / No seniors with weak hearts,” simply that children and families have their own worlds. (But visit  Alamo City Furry Invasion, our family-friendly sister convention in San Antonio!)

…Body positive, sex-positive

People come with an amazing array of shapes, orientations, colors, interests* … At AFB we’ll laugh with each other, learn from each other, and leave shame (internal, external) at the door. While there’s a host of meanings for “sex positive,” at AFB we’re going with, among other sources, Wikipedia: “an attitude toward human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable,” embracing a vast spectrum of expressions. 

And species. Dog people are people too. 

…Consent & Permission

This is a two-parter. A part of being in a sex-positive culture is understanding consent. AFB is a playful adult event, not a singles bar, and participating does not imply an interest in being hit on. Use words, and respect words like “no.”

Secondly, if someone’s dressed in a costume, whether it’s “cute anime character” or “Moulin Rouge dancer” or “cuddly stuffed animal,” ask before touching or getting in someone’s personal space. This goes double for costumes that reduce vision (that is, almost any fursuit or mask.) Most cosplayers and fursuiters are open to photos and hugs, but always ask.

…Costumes, Clothing

“Revealing, but not revealed.” Costumes that are fun and exciting and sexy are welcome, but please respect our hotel and staff. Keep everything important covered and street legal. Chests too, even for the guys. It’s impossible to spell out every part of a dress code, and we don’t want to. Just dress for a costume party, and use common sense.