Putting on a convention is a big job, but a team makes it so much easier, and more fun! We’re excited to have you as a part of our team. Use the sign-up form to let us know what you want to do. We’ve got a list of what we’re looking for below, but we’re new, a little different, and we’re trying new things, so if you don’t see your dream job, we’re taking suggestions!


Copy Writer

Work with Board of Directors and Marketing on polishing and creating content for web page, press releases, and similar. Creative Writing, editing, journalism, blogging skills all appreciated.


Helping track AFB expenses for our annual financial reports. “Accounting Lite.”

Events & Performances

Wrangling and organizing performers, additional support for main event shows, may involve light A/V work.


Help with the convention program, print ads, print schedule, and other ephemera.

Gaming Team

Connecting attendees with tabletop and video games and gamers, playing games and helping people play games, gaming room security, setup and take down


A/V sets up the stage, manages the sound and lighting during performances, and then tears it down at the end of the con! Experience is a plus but not required.

Con Ops

On-site communications, logistics, supplies, and help desk at the Con, working with attendees and staff to solve problems.


Helping people navigate the con, troubleshooting, making sure the attendees are having a good and safe experience.

Photography & Videography

Immortalizing con attendees and events for digital history. Taking photos and recording video of attendees and key events; responding to urgent photo needs; posting and curating photos and video.

VIP Support

Support for special guests during panels and performances.

Volunteer Wrangler

Building and herding a short term volunteer team for “staff light” duties.


Updating and maintaining current web page, incorporating new content, and managing 2021 rollover. Must know (or be willing to learn) WIX, Wordpress.