Events, Diverse Calamities, and Assorted Goings-On

What can you expect at Austin Furry Burlesque 2020? 

On the Stage: 

 Drag shows, a band with a drummer and everything, one man with a lute and a dream, the staff singing “Life is a Caberet” like they mean it, talent, surprising amounts of talent, confidence (with or without talent, we’re here to applaud, not judge), DJs spinning and more flashing lights than you’d expect, open mic night, karaoke, probably more karaoke, and one of the board members owns a theremin but we told him he couldn’t. 

On the Floor: 

Vendors vending, something like a parade but instead of blocking South Congress it just tangles up the main lobby, scheduled and unscheduled artistic interruptions, one man with a lute and a dream, six people who came for the University of Texas game and really don’t know what they fell into.

What they didn’t teach you at home you’d probably learn in a seedy hotel meeting room: 

Cosplay and fursuit creation workshops, How I Became a Professional Dominatrix, improv games, writer’s workshops, one man with a lute, a dream, and fingering suggestions (for the lute), one of the board members with a theremin and a disappointed expression, world-building for fantasy authors, belly dancing lessons, and whatever else people throw at us, we don’t know!