About the Con

So isn’t a “burlesque” some kind of strip tease?

Answer #1: Yes, but the fursuits stay on.

Answer #2: “Burlesque” covers a lot of things…Vaudeville style comedy, political satire, all kinds of performances, yes, including strip teases and more erotic dance. But it also calls up the world of cabaret theater, review shows, comedy and improv with an adult feel, which is what AFB aims for!

Does that mean Austin Furry Burlesque is an “adult” convention?

Yes and no! We’re an 18+ convention, and yes, we have adult material. While we’re all adults here, that doesn’t mean it’s a sexy sex sexcon where everyone is given a pair of pasties with your registration…just that we want to have a convention where “is this family friendly?” isn’t a worry. Most of our staff works at our family-friendly sister convention, Alamo City Furry Invasion, and we love families and kids! But AFB is a different kind of convention, we hope you enjoy it and that we do Austin a proud. See the Code of (Mis)Conduct for more.

About the Cast

Does Austin Furry Burlesque have a mascot?

Yes! Unfortunately our mascot is Scarlett Reputation, the grand dame of our little troupe. If you wanted to pick a second main character, Quenby the stage manager would probably be Mascot #2. There’s a small stable of “the usual suspects” because it’s fun to have recurring characters, but Scarlett and Quenby are our spokescritters. 

Re: Archie…How does Archibald do card tricks? He’s a snake, he’s got no hands.

No clue. The last time we asked, he said it was magic.

Re: Archie …How does he play the piano?


Re: Tootsie and Violette …The “Cast” page says you’ve got two leading ladies. Is that right?

Neither Tootsie nor Violette read the web pages. We’re safe as long as nobody tells them.