Gena Cyde is a Texas born and raised drag performer who has traversed the furry fandom over the past 15 years as Kou Wolffe. An artist in costumes, makeup, and traditional media art, Gena has been performing in Texas for the past four years, and working conventions for eight years. She’s worked alongside Drag Race and Dragula Queens, and was a selected performer for the Austin International Drag Festival. Gena doesn’t stick to just one drag: she’s happy to bring on the glam, horror, fashion, and camp to the stage!

   “Certified: Drag Queen” by MaryMouse

Kahlua is a sexy malanois character and fursuit. She was originally created by Sunny Valley Creations, but found a new life with a Texas sex worker and a group of LGBTQ+ performers. She loves to dance, pose, and promote sex work and females in the NSFW furry community.

Luthien Nightwolf has been a full-time artist in the Furry Fandom since 2010, creating all manner of custom character art for her clients ranging from pinups to fully armored, sword-wielding heroines. She specializes in fantasy art and pinups, drawing her inspiration from nature and the female form. Her favorite subjects are fairies and other magical creatures, but a good lingerie spinup or cabaret pic is fun too! When these worlds are combined, she works her magic. Luthien is a traditional media artist, working with Copics, colored pencils, and gel pens.


Zorilita is an artist, animator, and writer who worked on a huge range of properties, including My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Star Wars, and more. She got her start in some of the early Furry Fandom comic titles, including Shanda the Panda, Furrlough, and  fanzines like Radio Comix  “Mangaphile.” As an animator she’s worked with Acme Filmworks and Titmouse Inc, and her illustrations have been published in over 150 books. Her long-running comic series “Faux Facts” and “Ah Heck” feature empowered female leads, evil bunnies, and adorable magical creatures….and this just scratches the surface of Zorilita’s work and world!