What better way to ring in the new year than with fizzy drinks, costumes, full pride of drag queens, and dancing all night?

No way I can think of, unless it was the one where you were there, too! That would’ve made it perfect. But it was pretty close to, and with sixty-odd furries and bemused innocent bystanders, the Austin Furry Burlesque’s New Year’s Eve at Stubbs BBQ was a fine, fine way to launch the con!

What-all was there…Aubrey Star, Gina Cyde, Mother Flerken, Nomi NauQuiotex, and Ruby Nevalance took the stage for a fine display of strutting, heels, acrobatics, costumery and fabulosity. We celebrated the birth of 2020 with a champagne toast, and then DJs Ty Browntail and Ruuqo of the near-future old-media podcast “Obscure Analog” took over to celebrate with old and new music mixed on magnetic tape. Great party, great people, and a great way to start our first year…together, covered in glitter and leopard print, and just a bit sloshed!

Photos by Yokhame