Sketchbook Notes

“Austin Furry Burlesque” is a silly, arty 18+ convention opening in Austin, January 2021.

Our mascots are the owner/producer and stage manager of the AFB Irregulars, a burlesque troupe that puts on shows in a fictional theater. There’s more named characters but the owner “Scarlett” and manager “Quenby” are the main ones. 

We are hoping tobuild a collection of art to flesh out their world online, thank you so much! Please please print your name clearly so we can link back to you for thanks and web credit.

AFB 2021’s theme is “it’s just a stage,” low production values, shoddy costumes, and lots of enthusiasm.


The main two:


Scarlett Reputation

Owner/Producer, Grande Damn

Female Opossum: the horrible aunt you secretly wish would show up on Thanksgiving without a warning or invitation

Decadent, artsy, platonic theatre person, BBW, a little bit awful. Big and enthusiastic.

Looks: Black heart beauty mark on her cheek, wears bodices and boustierres and dresses, big and loud. Always carries glasses or mask on a stick.  Red wigs (big ones, mostly) and tiny hats. No head hair without wigs, just possum stubble.

Enjoys: singing and performance, bossing people around, raunchy comedy, terrorizing her backstage crew



Back of house manager, stage director, publicist

Male Black-footed Ferret: bundle of nerves in a tuxedo. 

High-strung, organized, the only sane person in the loonie asylum (but why would he be there if he was sane?)

Looks: strung out and anxious, wears a tuxedo jacket or tuxedo with a red carnation in the label, sometimes a bowler hat.  Black footed ferrets have masks over their eyes and a smudge on their foreheads. 

Quenby doesn’t perform much but will occasionally do a poetry or comedy reading, play the straight man, or otherwise do spoken word bits. He has one nervous breakdown per night, the troupe sometimes places bets on it.


Other main-ish characters: “the sisters”

These two are both starlets and rivals, often together on stage, very love/hate, like the two dancers from “Chicago”



Violette Hills: female lavender fox

 A jazz-era flapper with spangles and sequins, and a range of wigs for every occasion. Her fur is shades of light and dark lavender. 

Singer/dancer/comedy, also does acrobatics/ariel work


Tootsie Roll: female rabbit

Jazz era flapper type, sophisticated and plush/expensive vintage.  A white rabbit, her ears are usually tied back in a bun or worn like a 20’s hairstyle or hat.

Singer/dancer/comedy, enjoys drama and monologue and more traditional theater


The rest of the troupe: 


Archie, Archibald: magician, pianist

Male non-anthro rattlesnake, shades of tan, cream and brown, brown handlebar mustache

Often wears brown and tan velvet jacket and top hat. 

His running joke is basically “how does he do everything he does without hands?”


Bonnette: Choreography, sets, costumes

Female armadillo

 Dark purple shell, tortoise shell glasses, more human shape than typical round armadillo

Someday she’ll pay off that art degree…


Cooper: Dancer, eye candy, token guy

Male dog, blue heeler

Handsome, buff, former exotic dancer, often wears the typical male dancer black pants, bow tie, and cuffs with no shirt, or open poet shirt and Fabio wig.

Sometimes acts as long as he doesn’t have to talk much, there’s not a lot going on upstairs. 


Flo: Crooner, veteran performer

Female nightingale

Flowing vintage dresses and a mile long string of pearls, maybe a long cigarette holder. Gray and brown.

Old, but her schtick is very old. Voice like Ethel Mermam past her prime,  after a bender and a carton of unfiltereds. Her first performance was in the 20s. Too old to care about decency, she’s got the best songs.


Peaches: The entire backstage crew

Female (?) Cougar, androgynous
Sturdy, mostly quiet, usually schlepping sandbags and props. Wears black jeans, black tee, black baseball cap. As no-nonsense as the troupe would allow. Can act, usually plays “guy number 2” when a male speaking part is needed. Quenby’s main emotional support.