Scarlett Reputation

Director, Producer, Benevolent Spirit Guide, Opossum

Scarlett Reputation, our all-purpose matron, has been keeping Austin weird since she broke onto the scene with her one-woman burlesque production of “Carrie, The Musical,” which the Chronical described as “Unearthly…I couldn’t look away!” Critics and audiences alike heralded her “Erotic News and Weather” as 1990s “Best Show to Avoid.” Neither Austin Furry Burlesque nor Mamma Reputation, bless her soul, could have been prouder to have Scarlett as our director, mentor, and guiding light!

Cats and Crew


Stage Manager, Publicity, Designated Driver, Nervous Wreck 

Tootsie Roll

Dancer, Actress, Comedian, Leading Lady


Musical Interlewds


Prestidigitation, piano


Costume design, choreography, set design, design design

Violette Hills

Dancer, Actress, Aerialist, Leading Lady


Eye candy


Backstage Team